Karst is an untouched land of stone, Teran wine and prosciutto. Cycling, walks on village commons, caves, sinkholes, hunting, fishing, hiking, themed routes, castles, churches, military cemetery, museums, wine route, osmice (eight days of local wine and homemade food tastings), visits of cheesemakers, herbs and prosciutto producers as well as the nearby sea are just some of the reasons beside hospitality and haute cuisine to make a visit.

We are located close to: Trieste, Sistiana, Portopiccolo, Devin castle, Miramar castle, Štanjel castle, Grado, Trieste airport, Vilenica cave, The memorial to the defenders of the Slovenian homeland on Cerje, Škocjan caves, Postojna cave, Lipica stud farm and Lipica Golf Club.


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