About the cellar

Karst is our land. A land of stone, terra rossa, bora, caves and sun. We believe in the power of nature and tradition which is why we produce traditional Karst products using the oldest methods that passed centuries of testing and improvement. We embrace a simple philosophy – a high quality product can be made only from the best ingredients. A product that is distinguished not only by excellent taste and texture but also by our ancestors’ thousand-year-old story and the power of Karst nature.

All products are made strictly in environmentally friendly and organic way. In the underground spaces of Špacapan House, we have prosciutto and salami ripening room, a cheese ripening space in old Karst štirna well, wine shop and a space for wine and spirits processing.

By giving attention to traditional methods of processing, natural cycles and the use of modern tools, we alter our products into a delicious interlacement of tradition and modernity, into an experimental perfection. Which is why they are always something exceptional.

The Špacapan family