The key to high quality meats are high quality ingredients, where the choice of breed plays an important role. Especially in Karst, famous for its excellent dried meat products.

The majority of our meats is made from krškopolje pig, Slovenian autochthonous breed that never conformed to industrial demands and is famous for its top quality meat. In order to breed a pig weighing at least 180 kilograms, we use twice more food and time compared to industrial breeding, which can be instantly noticed in the quality, texture and taste. What is more, our farmers feed them strictly on natural foodstuff and in free-range.

The dried meat products are produced in a natural way, following our ancestors’ traditional methods, which means using only the salt from the Piran salt pans, pepper and bora. The prosciutto is ripened between 3 to 5 years, giving the microbiological processes enough time to breathe into it an intense colour, a soft texture that melts in your mouth, a strong aroma and an excellent sweetish and sour taste.

Beside the products made from krškopolje pig, our cellar also offers a pick of salamis and prosciutto made from wild boar and domestic pig. Welcome.