For schnapps you simply need to take time. Using the traditional method with no added sugar, we prepare a sediment from pressed healthy teran berries and leave it to rest. After six weeks we can slowly cook it in a copper cauldron.

The stream needs to be thin. The first two decilitres are thrown away, next is liquor with at least 45 % alcohol content and lastly the tails which is boiled again. Miro produces around 100 l of distillation that he puts into glass balloons, where the liquor rests for at least three years. »Schnapps has to be pleasant, harmonious and with a long-lasting aftertaste, « claims Miro who knows very well that good schnapps is the basis for different types of liquor.

After three years, we turn one part of distillation into liquor flavoured with fruit and the other, better part, is left for additional 3-year-long maturation process. Ripe figs, blackthorn, cornelian cherry, raspberries, lime flower, walnuts and many others are covered with liquor and then left for at least three years for the time to play its role in the process.