Embark on a sensory adventure and discover the exceptional tastes of Karst, a mélange of tradition and modernity. During the tastings you will discover our cellar, excellent dried meat products, tasty cheeses, and unique wines, spirits and vinegars. We will present you some traditional recipes and you will realize why we’re so passionate about ameliorating and taking care of our cellar.

Wine, dried meats, cheese, spirits, and vinegar tasting: €35/person

You will discover and taste three wines from our wine collection. While learning about traditional prosciutto making process, you will taste a Karst prosciutto with a minimum 30-month ripening period and some salami, pork butt, a roast or sausage from our boutique production. Then you will taste excellent cheeses made by the best cheesemakers from Karst, according to our taste – Zidarič cow cheese, Antonič Farm sheep cheese. A fresh, homemade leavened bread from stone-ground flour will be served as well.
And lastly, you will be able to try our two favourite spirits. As a finishing touch, we’ll offer you some spectacular vinegars.

For groups of 5 to 15 persons, if arranged in advance. Estimated time: 60-90 min.