Our vinegars, made in the heart of Karst, are a mélange of experimenting and tradition. They are produced strictly from the best late harvested grapes which are smashed and put into a wooden cask where they wait for alcoholic fermentation with no added yeast. At the end of fermentation, we add some head or chapeau that triggers the process of turning wine into vinegar.

Alcoholic fermentation, the turning of sugar into alcohol, and acidification, the turning of alcohol into vinegar, takes one year in a mass that still contains grape skin and the sediment (lees). Before a new harvest we press the mass and pour the acidic juice into the wooden barrels where it rests from three to four years. We do not add sulphur to the vinegar. A vinegar obtained in this way has good structure, quality, is mineral and complex with minimal alcohol residual. The aroma and flavour are rounded, harmonious and velvety, with lingering finish.

The vinegar is bottled on the full moon and is then left to rest at least for a year. You can taste vinegars made from teran, malvasia, apples and pears. To create excellent dishes in our restaurant, we produce very small amounts of balsamic vinegar from teran and malvasia, as well as some special vinegars from figs, quinces, raspberries, pears, american blueberries and old strawberry varieties.