Team building

The hallmark of Špacapan’s House is encapsulated in a single, vital concept: ‘team’. Our dedication to teamwork permeates not just our culinary art but also the array of services we provide. As connoisseurs in team-building, we have devised an assortment of activities designed to refine the team skills of your group. Whether it’s cycling through the enchanting Karst landscape, engaging in sensory-stimulating culinary workshops, embarking on exhilarating truffle hunts, or enjoying adrenaline-infused quad biking, our venue offers an ideal setting for fortifying team spirit and enhancing collaboration. Experience the transformative power of shared experiences at Špacapan’s House, where teams are bonded and strengthened.

culinary team building

A Gastronomic Adventure for the Discerning Gourmet

Location: Špacapan’s House

On this day, Špacapan’s House will be exclusively at the disposal of your team. Exchange your regular work setting for our kitchen, where you can share and learn culinary techniques in a convivial atmosphere. Divided into smaller groups, your team will prepare and serve a four-course meal as part of our Brief Culinary Experience. The day’s team-building activities will commence with a visit to an authentic Karst cellar, where we’ll savour a selection of local delicacies.

truffle hunting

Truffle Hunting: An Exceptionally Distinctive Experience

Location: A confidential locale in the Karst

Beginning at Špacapan’s House, we will sample a variety of home-cured specialties in Miro’s cellar. Brimming with renewed vigour, we will venture to a clandestine location with an expert guide and his trained dogs to hunt for truffles. Throughout the hour-and-a-half quest for this valued tuber, you will gain not only a new skill but also insights into the fascinating realm of fungi. The day will culminate with a sumptuous dinner featuring the authentic tastes of the Karst at the Špacapan’s House restaurant.

bicycle and slovenia

Cycling Delights Along Karst Routes

Location: Biking across the Karst

The Karst region, with its distinctive topography, is unique in its geological composition. The landscape, characterised by abundant stone, has been shaped by water over millennia and further refined by human artistry. Explore Karst’s hidden nooks by bicycle, guided by an experienced cyclist. Embark on an exploratory journey through this unique segment of Slovenia. Prior to our departure, we’ll gather strength in Miro’s cellar, and the day will be crowned with an exceptional dinner at Špacapan’s House.

quad bike slovenia

Adrenaline-Fueled Quad Biking Adventure

Location: Quad biking across the Karst

The Karst terrain is riddled with myriad paths ideal for quad biking adventures. A one-hour excursion will quench your thirst for an authentic escape. Our journey will take us past nearby lavender fields, onward to the church of the Virgin Mary, and then to the vantage point of Saint Catherine’s Hill, which offers breathtaking views of the Vipava Valley and the sea. For those seeking an extended adventure, our route will include a visit to Trstelj Hill and the renowned village of Štanjel. Anticipate a day filled with excitement, scenic beauty, and unparalleled joy. In keeping with Karst tradition, we will fortify you with authentic Karst prosciutto in Miro’s cellar before embarking on our journey. The adventure will conclude with a gourmet dinner at Špacapan’s House.

“Kraševec for a Day: Discover, Learn, Savor

Location: Komen – Štanjel – Komen

Dive into the genuine essence of Karst with our “A Day in the Life of a Karst Local” team-building adventure. Your journey starts at Miro’s cellar, a gateway to the region’s culinary heritage, highlighted by the renowned Karst prosciutto. Rejuvenated, you’ll stroll through the picturesque lanes of Štanjel, a village that epitomizes rural charm, mere moments from our doorstep. Engage in a hands-on experience with a revered local stonemason, embracing the artisanal spirit of Karst. The day culminates at Špacapan’s House, where an evening of authentic Karst flavors, complemented by a selection of regional wines, awaits you.

Castle Team Building

Location: Špacapan’s House and Rihemberk Castle

From Špacapan’s House, a picturesque winding road leads you through the dappled shade of trees to the imposing walls of Rihemberk Castle. This historic fortress, with its 800-year legacy, majestically overlooks the border between the Karst and Vipava Valley. The castle tower offers breathtaking views of the stunning landscape and charming surrounding villages.

Our castle team-building experience is designed to entertain and engage your team for over two hours. Join Eleonora and Ferdinand for an interactive tour, where you’ll assemble your armies from the castles of Vipava and participate in exciting activities such as axe throwing, dice games, trying on knight’s armour, and more. Before the castle adventure begins, we at Špacapan’s will treat you to a tasting in our cellar, and after your medieval escapades, you’ll enjoy a traditional dinner paired with our natural wines.

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