The untouched Karst commons, rich with different aromatic herbs, give a unique flavour and aroma to cow, sheep and goat milk. This has undoubtedly influenced the outstanding tradition of cheesemaking in the Karst region that is home to some of the best cheeses far and wide.

After many years of assessing the quality, we chose our three personal favourite Karst cheesemakers that make indigenous Karst cheeses. Zidarič cow cheese, Antonič Farm sheep cheese and Ecological farm Lipičar (Francetovi) goat cheese are exceptional products, made from raw milk and natural rennet, that are further ripened in our cellar.

We are probably the only Slovene cellar that ages indigenous Karst cheese under controlled temperature and humidity in an old štirna, traditional karst well, six meters underground. Beside the typical aging, some cheeses are aged in different homemade herbs, white or red grape skins, pepper, hay, cereal, stomach and in many other boutique creations. You can taste all our cheeses in our restaurant or cellar, they can also be delivered to your home through online store.