In 1984, Miro planted the first teran vineyard into the terra rossa soil from the karst sinkholes. The vineyard, at the altitude of 250 meters, is adorned with 5000 vines receiving just the right amount of sunshine due to its northwest position. The crop load is low which ensures a better quality of wine. Even today, we choose handwork to cultivate our vineyard and traditional methods to produce Teran.

His son Ago went further and added a few other creations like Rebula, Vitovska Grganja, Malvasia and Cabernet Sauvignon to his father’s traditional Teran. Using very small boutique amounts, Ago plays with late harvest wines and dried grapes and with longer vinification and sulphite-free wines. Basically, with more complex and different wines. In this way, unique boutique creations are made which often present a new experience even for the biggest connoisseurs.

In addition, our cellar also offers our choice of wines made by the best Slovene winemakers, which mostly consists of biodynamic wines and the so-called orange wine. Most wines are from the local Slovene and Italian karst region; some also from Vipava Valley, Brda and Styria region. We have 60 labels that you can take home at the same price as the winemakers offer, with the addition of VAT.